venerdì 30 marzo 2012

feeling grassy…

my little sweet sciré when was about three-month-old… it was october, in the
garden… so cute with her fatty little leg… now she’s eight! and she’s no more
a cuddly puppy but a lovely miss! love love…

giovedì 29 marzo 2012

a romantic green wall…

have you ever been at the frick collection museum? well, I think if you go to ny 
you cannot do without visiting it. It’s a house/museum, with the most incredible 
collection of art I have ever seen… the biggest mistake you could do is visiting 
it before the moma… everything after this seems only rought on paper… but there! 

giovedì 22 marzo 2012

a-maze -ing!

another things I really would like to have in my garden is a mazeyes, I dream big!
I wish I had a maze so intricate that make even the queen of hearts jealous! 
in the meanwhile… let’s play in my garden maze game! 

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

in a small small green world…

hallo curiosetti! one thing I I really wish to have is a winter garden. I have 
always loved the idea of it, a little room, full of plants and flower, with a sofa 
or an armchair, where reading a book, relaxing and admire the winter outside…

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

in the [earth day] forest!

hallo green curiosetti! do you remember there are lot of nice earth day stuff 
to buy for helping me plant a new tree on our planet? so come on!! my little 
elephant is waiting for you!! let’s plant a little forest! just click here and here



hallo curiosetti… I just wanna say hi!
love love

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

un premio!

e finalmente riesco anche a scrivere del premio che ho ricevuto dalla simpaticissima
valeria! se avete voglia di farvi due risate, andate sul suo blog e leggete il glossario
marmocchio, io lo trovo irresistibile!!
so che ci ho messo un po’ ma… ragazzi! ricevere un premio è un bell’impegno!
soprattutto se devi salire sul palco e fare un discorso!

mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

in the forest! where pixel animals live..

yesterday night something cancelled my post!! so now… what can I do?! 
just write it again…  uff…

new creatures on my wall of frames! today I was looking for a comment I had been
tagged in by my friend navigo [it was about my megalomania], when I come across
these wonderful paintings by laura bifano.

martedì 6 marzo 2012

topiary… in my garden!

hallo curiosetti! do you like my V tree? I received this, as a gift for my birthday,
by my friend meli about two years ago… or three?! well… she know about my 
megalomania and my wish to have one of these wonderful little trees with my initial…
isn’t it fantastic?! I’m going on trimming the little branch and my purpose is to get
a clarendon V. [clarendon is one of my favorite fonts and I had always used 
it to wrote my initial!]

sabato 3 marzo 2012

virr go green! moodboard…

hallo curious friends of saturday evening… I’m here on the sofa watching 
palermo vs milan match on tv, while sciré is sleeping [after having played all day 
in the garden]… the match is almost finished and we’re going to take a drink 
before dinner… but I have just two minutes to post you the new green moodboard! 

on monday I will post even the captions… love love and happy saturday night!

giovedì 1 marzo 2012

a green calendar! welcome march…

hallo dearies, I even have no time to breath but I cannot start the month without
the new calendar! it’s green! enjoy it and happy march… spring is coming!!