giovedì 31 maggio 2012

earth day donation… twist!

curiosetti! what about if I have decided to change the beneficiary of my donation?
well, it’s not a great donation, I have sold only six pieces from my earh day shop
but anyway I wanna give 10$ for a good cause… so, we couldn’t plant a forest
with only ten dollars… but if we could save a turtle or a dolphin?

my fuchsia party recipes!

hallo curiosetti! this was my party table! so fuchsia!!
and here you can find the easy and quick recipes I used to cook
my super fuchsia buffet!

mercoledì 30 maggio 2012

feeling thirty… happily!

this picture was taken on saturday evening, at my wonderful birthday party!
see you tomorrow for other happy pics and my buffet recipes

love love

martedì 29 maggio 2012

the bean is born… and it’s a girl!

today is meli’s birthday… and her little bean is born tonight at 3.45 am!
welcome matilda!! fuchsia has won!

venerdì 25 maggio 2012

fuchsia, mela, bean, hooray!

and here is the second one!! my friend meli with her little [still unknown] bean!
what do you think? is the bean going to born in may? it must be a girl with
all this fuchsia all around! hooray for the little bean!!  we’re waiting for you!

love love

mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

smiiiiile!! click!

people are receiving my invite… and super duper people let me know it with 
great pics!! this is the photo I received yesterday evening while I was watching
once upon a time [is the storyteller rumplestiltskin’s son or not?!?!? ]
I’m really really really glad to introduce you the peekaboo girl and her boyfriend,
the mad hatterhooray for them ’cos they made me smile so big!!

love you peekaboo girl!
follow their example and send me your pics!!!

lunedì 21 maggio 2012

let’s have a fuchsia party!

wonderful party photoboot… I would like to make something like this!
well, but I don’t know if I have enough time to make everything!

have a look at these beautiful photoboot by our labour of love in the meanwhile…

mercoledì 16 maggio 2012


posso scriverlo in italiano che intanto è uguale, vorrei solo dire che quella stronza 
delle poste italiane dalla quale ho spedito gli ultimi inviti, ha pensato bene di:

scrollare per benino le mie buste chiedendomi ma che c’hai messo qui dentro?!
[ma saranno un po’ cazzi miei brutta abbelinata ficcanaso?!!?!?!?]

martedì 15 maggio 2012

a fuchsia desktop calendar!

to thank my dear friend navigo here you have the new desktop calendar
in four different size! enjoy!!

[in the image, apple imac]

lunedì 14 maggio 2012

it‘s a cocktail party! fuchsia…

hallo curiosetti… I’m here just to show you the super cute invite I made for 
my birthday party! it’s so fuchsia!! every guest is going to receive it! 

martedì 8 maggio 2012

fuchsia (brain)storm!

hallo my little curiosetti!
I’m working on my [fuchsia] birthday decorations… and during the weekend
I did some culinary experiments and I have prepared some delicious finger foods
I’m very satisfied! it will be a great cocktail party!

mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

fuchsia may calendar!!

hallo curiosetti! this month, due to the special color of my calendar, you could
download it only in a web version: iphone wallpaper! this neon color would be
wasted if printed with a simple cmyk printer…

so, let me know if you need an ipad version or something else!
it will be a delight to make it for you!

martedì 1 maggio 2012

my fuchsia birthday moodboard!

this month, on 26 to be exactly, it would be my 30th birthday… I’m officially old.
[navigo… it’s true… don’t try to find excuses!] so, I have decided to party all month
long… ’cos I really wanna enjoy the last days of second decade of my life

so… which color is more appropriated than a girly fuchsia??
[zia atena, have faith, red is coming…]