giovedì 30 giugno 2011

greetings from hawaii!!

today ippo and I took a trip to the navy base where his uncle is admiral! amazing!
if you don’t know the comsubin corp and the history of X° mas you can find
a lot of informations on the web.. it’s a piece of great history..

now we're coming back home.. the sun is setting in front of us.. what's better
of some vintage postcards from hawaii to make it even more moving?
definitely a great day!

..and tomorrow is the first day of july! stay tuned for the new calendar!!

mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

honolulu baby..

we said that june is going to end.. and july is there, just behind the corner.. I woul like to go on holiday.. but with the new job I don't know if I will go somewhere or I have to stay here working.. for sure the place where I would like to go [again..] is.. hawaii!!

have you ever been there?! I can say yes!! it was october, 2009. pru,ferdi [a friend of us] and I stayed in ohau, north shore, for ten days! north shore, the country, it's a wanderful place and we could not be more lucky! ten days of sun, waves, good food and amazing landscape! there are no hotels in that part of the island, except for a golf resort.. and we were in the most beautiful place we could find: chun's reef, at marlu's house! a private terrace over the ocean... it was paradise!

we enjoyed every moments of the holiday.. and actually it's the only place where I would like to go back!

1. hawaiian island squares . everything is jake!  2. hawaiian vintage map . via poetic home  3. oahu road map . honolulu city and county website  5.  hawaiian island map postcard  6. original state picture map . stories divinations


this morning I’m at home working… not really working ‘cos I wrote to my collegues
about what I have to do today but they has not answered yet…
so I can dedicate this time to my blog and my little sweet elephant!

this month, turquoise dressed, is almost at the end… we have talked about water,
about seas and days at the beach, mermaids and whales, of underwater world
and no profit associations dedicated to the conservation of oceans and seas…

last days of june!

ehi! why didn’t you tell me today is 29 of june?!
I’m still thinking in turquoise instead of thinking about the new month color!!
do you mind if I go on with turquoise for the next month?

ok ok, a new color… I have to prepare the new calendar!!
need to sleep it off…

goodnight… and dream in color!

martedì 28 giugno 2011

surfers for cetaceans!

ok, oggi vi scrivo in italiano, non ho ne il tempo ne le capacità mentali per impegnarmi 
in una conversazione in inglese… secondo giorno di lavoro! e ho già mandato 
in presentazione un progetto! flash!! super virr!

sia ieri che oggi ho lavorato da casa perchè quando mi sono presentata lunedì mattina 
ho scoperto che la mia postazione non c’era… cioè, c’era, ma mi hanno appioppato 
un mac con uno schermo di una dimensione ridicola, probabilmente era meno 
di 20pollici… devono esserselo fatto fare su misura più piccolo perchè io uno 
schermo più inutile non lo avevo mai visto… in più aveva tastiera e mouse 
da pc… e la tastiera non rispondeva ai comandi rapidi!!! ma non è finita qui… 

lunedì 27 giugno 2011


the first day of new job is gone! I have worked very hard but with satisfaction…
and I have worked at home! yes because the computer I should use is not arrived
yet so i have to use mine… well… what can I say? che sarà sarà…

but now… I need to eat some good food! 

sabato 25 giugno 2011

water.. colors!!

the only thing I need today is relax.. for a good reason! 
on monday I start with a new job!! I'm so happy ’cos it’s really close to home! 
just 5 minutes walking!! and at a first impression they seems to be a group 
of very nice people.. on monday we will see..

giovedì 23 giugno 2011

sexy mermaids!

I have worked all the day, until a few minutes ago… I don’t feel like going on
telling you about the bitch called d, I’m so tired and I really wanna go to sleep…
tomorrow will be another hard day… but I promise I will answer at the comments 
you, dear readers, have posted in these days!

mercoledì 22 giugno 2011

of mermaids… and a bitch called d!

ok, today I’m really angry, for several reasons!
the one that make me fume the most is about super p’s hen party… as you know
my friend super p is getting married in a month and I’m the maid of honor
usually maid of honors have to plan the hen party, or not?! well… in the last
two or three month I have looked around to find the perfect place, the perfect gift,
the perfect way to make her feeling a princess for one night

domenica 19 giugno 2011

gnam, cheeeeeese, click, hooray.. aperidinner party!

the aperidinner party to celebrate my mum turning 50 it’s just over!
so tired.. but the chocolate cake with custard and raspberries was sooooo delicious! good night!

giovedì 16 giugno 2011

our planet is a.. turquoise planet!

on saturday we will have my mother's b-day party and I'm planning everything 
with her.. finger foods, savory cakes, agnolotti, something to drink, somethig 
to toast.. the b-day cake!! what do you think about a chocolate layer cake with 
custard filling and raspberries on top?! my mouth waters just at the thought..

mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

summer?! really??

just pretend I ain’t said it.. today is cloudy again..
is there someone doing a rain dance?!?! well if does, please stop! today is my mum’s
birthday! she turns fifty!! do you want her to have a rainy b-day?! be kind..
and stop fucking dancing!!! [happy birthday mum, I really love you..]

martedì 14 giugno 2011

beach essentials!

today is sunny and hot! yeeeeah! summer is come at last! but… I’m here in town… 
how I would like to be at the seaside.. even if I’m not ready for my bathing suit test.. 
but when ever I would be ready?! are you ready? anyway, every years I buy a new 
bikini, usually where I go on holiday, like a souvenir! in the last two or three years 
I have been really tempted by one-piece swimsuit.. really love it, so charming, 
so 50's.. but at the end I always choose a bikini.. the reason is easy to understand: 
it takes so long to me to tan that I cannot think about wasting time sunbathing with 
my belly covered.. I love when my belly is brown!!

giovedì 9 giugno 2011

under water… into the deep..

today has been a long long day.. I’m very tired and in less than 15 minutes I will be
in my bed sleeping.. but now I leave this new post to you.. because I'm not sure that
tomorrow I will have enought time to post something..

enjoy this splash in the deep blue.. what is hidden into the abyss?
I found out a giantsquid, three girls swimming in a sea of bubbles, a mermaid
flirting with a boy and..a perplexed red fish.. what’s in yours? look through
the porthole and let me know!

mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

half woman, half fish… mermaid!

since I was a child, I have always been attracted by mythology and have always 
loved mythical creatures… unicorns, satyrs, nymphs, centaurs and of course… 
mermaids! mermaids are so beautiful and fascinating… even if often are presented 
as spoiled and wicked creatures… can you remember the mermaid lagoons in 
disney’s peter pan?! well, I have never loved wendy so much… 

ippo [my boyfriend, Ed.] has said that if, one day, he should decide to get tatooed, 
it would definitly be a mermaid, 50s style, as a sailorman! I think he would love 
to be a fish, that’s why every day he goes to swim early in the morning and every 
years he wanna go on holiday at the sea, even in winter… [to let you know… 
he’s just back from a surf holiday in the indian ocean, lucky him!]

lunedì 6 giugno 2011

does coincidences exist?

I'm  a fatalist, I believe fate decides about our life and everything that happens to
us is just a consequence or a transition to something else.. of course we could change
something, we could try to choose different ways, but at the end, if something
has to happens.. it will happens!

venerdì 3 giugno 2011

living in a waterworld..

it seems to be a november rainy day.. stop raining, please! I wanna go to the beach!!
if someone, something, somewhatever-it-is listen to my request, please, stop raining!

all this rain remind me of an amazing korean artist I discorvered times ago on someone's
blog [sorry, I can't remember who's blog..] chun eun sil draws underwater life, flowers
and birds in a submerged world, letters as fishes swimming on the seabed..
an inoffensive shark behind the bookshelf!
on her website there are thousand of illustrations about this and other imaginative
world.. marvelously drawn.. plunge into her imagination! happy swim!

1. someday - pinocchio  2, 4. sea - lotus  3. no title  5.  sea - yellow flower .
 illustrations by chun eun sil

giovedì 2 giugno 2011

june calendar special edition!

today is a festive day here in italy.. the republic day.. it does not really appeal to me,
but there is one thing I adore about this day.. the military parade!! I love it! when
the band plays the national anthem, when the big italian flag is unrolled down
the collosseo..
all those uniformed men marching in formation.. don't you think
uniformed men are irresistible? I have a soft spot for them..

well.. just to say that today I'm at home with mrs fr. [my mother, Ed.] for this the
daily post is only to remember you the navigo_a_vista edition of my june calendar!
download it!

mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

june calendar!

new month, new color, new calendar! download it…
and go to navigo_a_vista’s blog to find a surprise!

june is turquoise… splash!

only 18 minutes after midnight and… the new moodboard is here!
this month color has been chosen with my friend navigo_a_vista!
tomorrow you will understand what it means…

now I really need to go to sleep and dream but… see you in the morning for 
the new june calendar! turquoise of course… stay tuned!!

good night…

1. pantone 3125  2. peacock feathers . inslee  3. breakfast at tiffany’s . penguin
4. self promotion logos by will bryant . will bryant  5. materia prima . studio fludd
6. essence, limited edition box . reminiscence  7. sea star from the summer
2010 moodboard . fidenza village outlet