sabato 31 maggio 2014

see you soon (too soon…)

we are leaving for a short holiday! 
see you soon curiosetti! 

and see you next week for picture credits!

baby mermaid essential

I am now planning about my little baby mermaid nursery… 
what does a baby mermaid need to feel home? 
I found a lot of super cute things to create an ocean fairytale around her
first of all she will need some mermaid tail spleeping bags and rompers! 

martedì 27 maggio 2014


this is a picture of pi’s birthrday on november. but it’s perfect now! 
he is swimming underwater to say hallo to our little mermaid!

lunedì 26 maggio 2014

happy b-day virr!

today it’s my birthday! 
I had a cream and chocolate chips brioche for breakfast, I have the little fish in 
my bellymy adorable sciré, and, last but not least, my incredible husband… 

what else?!

sabato 24 maggio 2014

mermaid mom-to-be…

yesterday we had the 5th month visit and now we could proudly say that the little 
fish is baby girl!

my baby girl!! I could imagine her swimming in my belly like a little mermaid… 
yes, ’cos she moves all day long! everything I do she do it with me… and if I rest 
she goes on swimming and dancing… sometimes even at night… 

here above a kit for a mom[of a little mermaid]-to-be… ;-)

mercoledì 21 maggio 2014

in a little fish world…

we have so many things to buy for our little fish!
first of all we need a stroller but I think I have found the right one… so it’s just 
a matter of choosing a color and a lot of funny accesorizes! what do you think 
of this super cute whale sleeping bag? I’m in love!

martedì 13 maggio 2014

a name beneath the surface…

maybe we have a name for our little fish… it is there, beneath the surface… 
and day by day it seems to be more and more her nameuntil pi does not change 
his mind another time! 

giovedì 8 maggio 2014

so busy!

hallo curiosetti! I’m so busy these days! lot of work, things to do, medical exams…
see you soon! 

oh! today is a sunny day! yeeee!