sabato 21 gennaio 2012

black pen on white? trompe l’oeil!

hallo my dears…
I’m thinking about buying a bag from one of my favorite designer,
roberta di camerino. she became famous for her trompe l’oeil bags and dresses,
and I discovered her when my mother‘s aunt gave me two wonderful bags,
[yes, real vintage!] one of these bags is in my wardrobe [you can see a very similar 
one here] even if my one is pink; the second one, my favorite, was stolen from

my car, about 4 years ago… [was like this, but made of white leather instead 
of velvet… so beautiful!] I still curse that night… well… last summer I fell 
in love with this one, but it was so expensive and I have so many bags…
and now I’m seriously tempted to buy one, but I’m wavering between two…
I will let you know about my decision!

well, while I was wandering in the world of trompe l’oeil, I bring back to my
mind that wonderful trompe l’oeil coat from moschino [my favorite designer 
at all] [may you remember elle in kill bill? that one] and searching around I found
out this! this is the 2012 fall winter pre-collection! can you believe it?!
it’s amazing and must be mine!! autumn is getting close…

1. postmark jasper . kate spade  2. vintage bag . roberta di camerino  3. ceci est un 
it bag . longchamp  4. trompe l’oeil dress . rosalind keep  5, 6. trip cartoon wardrobe
and chest of drawer . seletti

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