sabato 31 dicembre 2011

a bold new year's eve!

are you ready for the party?! the outfit for tonight should be bold, colored, eccentric! something that make you [and who's around you] happy.. because, as the saiyng goes, if your are happy on new year's eve you will be happy all year long [it's an italian proverb, and works with everything.. if you make smtg on new year's eve you will do the same all year long..]

well, to come back to our outfit.. I would like to wear all these in my post! [from kate spade of course, the queen of colors!] but it's not so easy finding collant colored as these.. only black and blue in our winter collection.. sigh.. so, fuxia dress and sparkling shoes, with a beauty little hat and two wonderful vintage earings [mrs. lilien would be proud of me tonight!]

love love
and happy new year!!!!

giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

new year calendar! a gift for you!

I have a little present for you curiosetti!
a seasons calendar for 2012!! when I was a child I had a board educational game
with this subdivision.. that’s why december 2012 is the first month of my new
calendar.. ’cos winter starts with december and not with january!

enjoy it!

domenica 25 dicembre 2011

sabato 24 dicembre 2011

a house in wonderland..

these rooms warecolors are so adorable.. I think that could be alice rooms in her wonderland house.. are so gorgeous!! the brilliant colors, the details, I would like to live in these prints by caitlin mcgauley, a stilish artist with a real taste for colors! maybe that's why she make lot of illustrations for kate spade.. colorfully is the word!

have a colorfully christmas curiosetti!
I hope santa will be generous with you.. good night!

1, 3. illustrations for kate spade ny  2. living room, summer series  4. red room, winter series

advent calendar: day twenty-four! christmas eve!!

day twenty-four! it’s christmas eve!
are you ready for tonight? santa is coming!!! so thrilling!
reminds to leave cookies and milk, to be good for other few hours, to deck
the hall [fa la la la la, la la la la…] if you are late and to wrap all the christmas 
present you have bought… tomorrow is christmas!! and I’m going around
singing christmas carols all day long! ho ho ho… up on the housetop click click 
click, down through the chimney… 

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

advent calendar: day twenty!

day twenty!
I don’t like panettone too much, candied fruits fault! but I do like raisins so if 
it’s an only raisins panettone I’m glad to eat a big slice… but even if I don’t like 
candied fruits… this one [at number 20] is my favorite! it’s the pandolce genovese
and it’s our local traditional panettone [from genoa and liguria…] we call it low 
panettone, instead the one from milan is called tall panettone.

if you live in italy, or are here for your christmas holiday, try it, it’s worth it! 
the better one it’s form panarello, a historic genoa bakery, fresh from the oven 
of course, even if you could find it at the super market… you know, it’s not the same…

ehi curiosetti… have you noticed that… 
christmas it’s closer and closer! just few days!

domenica 18 dicembre 2011


I really love matchboxes.. this little but very useful items are the perfect holiday souvenir, in a little box you can put all your happiest memories! then there is always the sweet surprise when you open it: which colors could be these matches heads?! I adore when it's a fancy color as fuxia or light violet.. and even when you strike ones and smell the sulfur!
as they usually say.. sometimes little things are the best!

1. match box promo, photo by steve cohen . sharpe and associates  2. matchbox, commercial for kate spade ny . jhonny miller  3. matchbox illustration for kate spade ny . caitlyn mcgauley

martedì 13 dicembre 2011

yes virginia, there is santa claus!

this at number 1 is the letter written by virginia that appeared  on the sun with 
the famous answer! if you want to now all the story about her, I refer to this page 
on wikipedia, where you can even read the original article published in 1897… 
it’s a classic of the us christmas tradition and macy’s, in 2008, launched 
its first campaign based on virginia’s story, in collaboration with the make-a-wish 
foundation… believe.

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

alice in a colorfully wonderland…

isn’t this the world you want to live in?
colorful, populated by talking animals and vanishing cats, full of incredible things
but over all these wonderful draws by mary blair!!! as bert do in mary poppins,
when they jump in the draw on the floor… [is that draw by mary blair too?!]
I would like to jump in…

sabato 10 dicembre 2011

advent calendar: day ten!

day ten… a bad day..
with a good thing, my super chocolate cookies! not only good in effect, but very
delicious.. tomorrow the peekaboo girl come to visit me here and these cookies will
be a perfect christmas present, with the little ‘kate middleton met kate spade’ hat
I made for her!! a lovely pink and red straw hat, with a curl on top! if alice had had
a hat it surely would have been like this..

venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

live colorfully!

is this enough colorfully to color your day and let you forgive my yesterday little
oversight? the second one is my favorite… I have it on my pinterest and everyday 
I see it I think it’s… wow! beautiful! may I made december the rainbow month
just for it, to have the satisfaction of posting and share it with you…

advent calendar: day nine!

day nine…
oh god! I completely forgot to post the day eight!!
I was totally involved in decorating my home for christmas…
but really, I though I had had!

mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

feeling playfully!

I found it! my yellow mini pony!! it’s named bubble and it‘s here at number 7!!
what an emotion! I can feel the sensation of touching its smooth plastic body!

but with the mini pony there were a lot of other characters with the rainbow color,
as the wuzzles [do you remember these strange creatures? half and half, rhinokey 
was my favorite, ippo loved hoppopotamus], rainbow brite,  the care bears

giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

december calendar… colorfully!!

here you are! the december calendar!!!

enjoy it curiosetti, and see you tomorrow for the second day of my colofully 
advent calendar! december is a beatiful month!!