giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

color archive: yellow

so… winter is here and also this month is at the end. 
I really do not know which will be the next color, I’m waiting for inspirations…
see you in the next freezy days! and happy halloween!

mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

paint the light yellow!

hallo curios people!
I wanna close this month with a last post, before beginning with a new colors… 
I’m in love with this way of drawing a space, painting a fake cone of light, 
merging everything it’s supposed to be in it. now… I’m thinking about a place 
I could use this in my home… maybe I could paint my bed light area? or my 
office desk!! I do not know really, but it would be so cute!!

1. rayen restaurant madrid . by fos  .  2. color study . alexander kent

venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

a postcard from perù!

hallo curiosetti, I’m back from perù! 
it’s such an amazing place to go, at least once in a lifetime…

here is a picture taken on our way to the colca valley, almost 5000 mt.
see you in a few days!

sabato 5 ottobre 2013

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

see you in november!

this post is to say goodbye and see you soon my dear curiosetti!
I will be back in november [maybe at the end of october…] with new colors
and new plans! I will send you a postcard from perù!

giovedì 3 ottobre 2013

a little yellow umbrella

so lovely these two illustrations. a splash of yellow in a rainy and grey day… 
rain apart, this is the color of the sky here today. I’m metereophatic, my mood 
changes with weather and I can’t do anything about it. so… today it’s not 
one of my better days, and I have yet to finish my suitcase… 

martedì 1 ottobre 2013

fake Xmas collection!

ta-daa! another fake xmas subject for my shop! 
this time it’s to frosty the snowman!