martedì 31 maggio 2011

inside a red apple…

even my friend mela blew out the candles on sunday! mela in english means apple..
in her honour today I’m going to tell you about an american crafter.. emily martin, 
the black apple! we [mela end me] discovered this artist when we worked togeter, 
about two years ago.. [two years!! time flies away so fast!] I fell in love with her dolls, 
but I really like most of her works.. even if she has a quirky taste for melancholy 
characters, sometimes freaks.. all of her subjects are child or animal that seems to 
come from a far away world, a silent and muffled far away world..

lunedì 30 maggio 2011

red feathers dress

on wednesday I was walking in knightsbridge and I came across harvey nichols store.. 
the windows were a tribute to alexander mcqueen and my reaction when I saw his 
wonderful creations displayed had been this: wow..
each dress was a sculpture.. and I stared at a red one.. made of red feathers..
so gorgeouse! it must be the one at number 3! for sure sandra suy, the incredible
illustrator that has drawn the women you can see here, has been struck with
the same dress!

mercoledì 25 maggio 2011

red kitchen.. baking passion!

well, I don't know if your posts have been restored, but mine have not..
here you can find again the 8th post published and then deleted by blogger..
red kitchen.. baking passion!
yeeh! get ready 'cos tomorrow, may 26, will be my birthday and I know you would really love sending me a delicious handmade little cake! as I said in the published-deleted post two weeks ago.. if you can't bake a cake.. you could buy me one of the wonderful cake stands you could see at number 1.... I would really appreciate!

sorry but I don't have the images sources, I'll complete this post when I'll be back home..

sabato 21 maggio 2011

greetings from london

a week is gone and so many things has happened.
funny things, extremely sad things, things
the bad news is that my cat, my adored cat,
that has been with me for 15 years, is no more
with us.. he's gone, on thursday, and I'm feeling
terribly sad.. terribly sad.....

goodbye my little heart..

anyway.. I'm in london now and today is a sunny
day.. I'm going to stay all day long in the park
eating cookies and drinking mango smoothies..

love love

sabato 14 maggio 2011

london calling...

here I am!
blogger had been out of order these days and, with my disappointment, the post red
kitchen has not yet been restored... uff.. anyway, with the hope that sooner or later they
restore it, here is the new post, I should have published yesterday, blogger allowing...

I go to london! leave tomorrow morning at 9am, so I have to get up early because
I came to mrs fr's home [mrs fr is my mother] to say hallo to her and my sweet cats!
two huors far from the airport.. and I'll stay away until the and of may, will you miss
 don't worry, I'll pop in sometime! and remember that 26 is my birthday!!

well.. bon voyage to me! see you soon!

martedì 10 maggio 2011

red heart cheeks!


even today I don’t want to stay here working on computer, but I really want to 
share with you the image at number 1 of my wall of frames… isn’t it fantastic?!
I could not wait to let you see it!

just now I was reading annek’s blog and I fell in love with her post ‘i cuori rossi’
read it, it’s so adorable! can you imagine a lot of hearts, like soap bubbles, over
the heads of people kissing? of course you can! disney created an imaginary
world in our minds…

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

love love…

prima di lasciarvi il mio post giornaliero voglio fare gli auguri di compleanno 
a mia sorella! oggi compie 27 anni e probabilmente starà mangiando giusto 
ora la torta banane e cioccolato che abbiamo preparato insieme per i suoi colleghi… 
quindi… tanti auguri c!!

avete visto che bello? sono andata a caccia di cuori per voi!
mettere un cuoricino da qualche parte, rosso ovviamente, migliora la giornata! 
e se posso essere sincera oggi non ho tanta voglia di stare davanti al computer… 
voglio lasciare la mente libera di vagare… perciò cosa ne dite se ci vediamo domani?! 
vi lascio i cuori… love love…

before starting my daily post, I want to wish happy birthday to my sister! 
today she turns 27 and probably now she is eating the banana and chocolate 
cake we cooked together for her colleagues… so… happy birthday c!!

have you seen what a beautiful image? I have gone in search of hearts for you! 
put a little heart somewhere, red of course, make your day better!
and, if I could be honest, today I have no desire to stay here  working on computer…
I want my mind to be free of wander… then… what do you think if we'll see 
tomorrow?! I leave you together with the hearts… love love…

1. je t’aime mini card set . eat drink chic  2. love by katie daisy . thewheatfield  
3. an illustration by manola caprini . girasoli punto e a capo  4. enamorado
blanca gòmez  5. LOVE sign . timeless treasures  6. bang! . blanca gòmez  
7. valentine card . rifle paper  8. logo .

venerdì 6 maggio 2011

shopping fever…red bags!

there’s a beautiful store near my house, where they sell clothes and accessories 
for wich you would stick your nose to the window, as a child… every two weeks 
they set up the windows… every two weeks it’s a torture! yes! because it’s impossible 
not to find something you really love among what is displayed… so you start to desire 
it ardently, telling yourself you do not need it, you have so many things that hardly 
goes into your wardrobe… than you do a calculation to excuse the possible purchase…
goes on like this for three or four days until the desire begins to wane… if not… 
then it’s clear you cannot do without!!!

giovedì 5 maggio 2011

campari and sketches…

hallo curious people! 
in these days I’m working on a new logo for campari [a red logo of course] and as 
you know [don’t you?] the history of campari graphics is so fascinating and historically 
so important that is an honor for me to work for this big brand… when I design a logo 
I love to scribble before starting to work on the computer, while your hand drawn mark 
on paper, your mind go on working with images and links and often best ideas come 
out of a sketch, scribbled so bad to make us go with the mind exactly where the 
perfect idea is…

I adore sketches so much that I have put some in my portfolio, as introduction to each 
brand identity project I made. I think it gives to every project a plus value, art process 
before digitalization…

martedì 3 maggio 2011

me and martha stewart… poppy is the word!

ehi! have you seen that martha stewart has dedicated this month issue 
of Living to poppies and red? what?? do you think she has copied me?!?!
mmmh… maybe just has taken inspiration… ;-)

anyway, when I saw these pictures I loved them so much I decided to post immediatly,
and I really like the result! moreover, thanks to these photos, I joined the beauty and
the tasty because both buiscuit and cupcakes have a recipe! can be found on martha
stewart website of course…

I almost forget to tell you that the beautiful pictures are by ditte isager, a danish
photographer living in ny. bravissima! what do you think about?

lunedì 2 maggio 2011

red?! poppies!

let’s go on with red today! the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of
this colour is… poppies!! in these days field are full of poppies, and the contrast
between the bright green grass and the petals is irresistible. I would like pick them all!
not to mention when there will be the golden yellow of corn instead of green…
wonderful… summer is getting closer!!

would you like to have these fantastic dishes from anthropologie to go for a picnic?
it would be like bringing spring with you! can you imagine delicious take away food,
like a good salad with tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, green beans and boiled
potatoes? or maybe an omelette with bitter herbs and onions? and what about a fruit
salad of strawberries, raspberries and apples together with a small ricotta sweetended
with honey? ok ok… it means that this weekend I have to organize a picnic… 
even if I have not the anthro dishes… uff!

domenica 1 maggio 2011

may.. calendar!

scaricatevi il calendario!!!  download the new calendar!!!

may.. in red!

come promesso, ecco il moodboard di maggio, a me piace tanto, a voi?

buona domenica!