mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

31… happy birthday!

so here I am, 31 years old + 3 days…
my birthday was on sunday, a sunny and warm sunday… a nice gift from
mother nature. my family and I celebrated with good food, wine, sun
and a lot of super cute presents!

but yesterday, my friend barba [ndr] came at home with a gorgeous flowers 
bouquet and a delicious bread cake!

I’m pretty sure you would be happy to have the recipe!

giovedì 23 maggio 2013

can’t believe it… it’s a sunny day?!

oh yesss! today it’s sunny! not too hot so you could go for a picnic, a delicious
afternoon snack in a soft green garden and enjoy this beautiful day!

martedì 21 maggio 2013

picnicking! rain permitting…

the rain(bow) dance is not working… have you made it the right way?
I’m dreaming about sun, swimmingpool with deck chairs and a huge beach umbrella…

but for now the only umbrella I could open is for rain

when could we finally have a picnic, with summer fruit, sunglasses and cold drinks?!
please let me know when sun come out, in the meanwhile I’m going to wear yellow
colored glasses, to brighten my day!

1. jennifer causey  .  2. crafty picnic . find and keep . beci orpin  .  3. let’s pack
a picnic #1 . kate spade

venerdì 17 maggio 2013

somewhere, over the rain(bow)… dance!

rain, rain, go away!

I’m fed up with all this rain!! where spring is? in a while it will be my birthday 
and it would be lovely if I could celebrate with hot weather and sunshine!

so, lets do a little rain(bow) dance! you need to wear a very colorful 
and happy dress, with some funny and spring scarf or hat or socks if your 
feet are freezing! than add some flowers, real or fake, it doesn’t matter!