sabato 30 luglio 2011

my mistery mansion!

oh my god! even this month I have not realized that tomorrow is the last day of july! 
too many things in my head… 

but I want to post you one more thing! another page of my portfolio! 
these characters are from a board game I designed for fidenza village, an outlet 
near Milan. do you remember cluedo? well, it was exactly a cluedo game, 
the fidenza mistery mansion game, with alive characters and a murder to solve…

giveaway reminder… on super p’s day!

good saturday morning my dear curious people!

today is the great super p’s day! tonight super p will be a wife!
what a wonderful thing it is!! super p, you would ever thought, ten years ago,
on your bed, that today we were here? well… thoughts are making me melancholy…
happy great day super p! I love you!

and you, curious people… remember the giveaway!!!

martedì 26 luglio 2011

lemon summer party! download!

hallooooo! today I have a gift for you!!
even if this summer is not really a hot summer, maybe you would like to enjoy 
a warm day making a little party! why not?! I suggest you a lemon summer party!! 
yes, first of all because it’s a yellow party[!], second because you could prepare 
a lot of drink with lemon, with sodas or alchool if you want to make an evening 
party… and last but not least, because lemon is a refreshing flavour and could bring 
the missing summer feeling!

lunedì 25 luglio 2011

giveaway… yellow inspirations!

this is what I mean when I say colored pictures!
of course you have to take orange pictures, not yellow pictures, but this is just
an example! do not get confused!

I know I have not revealed the prize you are going to play for… don’t be too curios!!
have to wait another few days…

…and sorry if I’m a little absent these month… I’m working hard… but I still love you!

all images via oh joy

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

my first giveaway!

ok darlings just a few lines for italian readers, to explain the how to in a clearly way!

ciao curiosetti! vi riscrivo il regolamento anche in italiano, che così andiamo tutti 
sul sicuro e evitiamo incomprensioni di sorta! [non che non abbia fiducia in voi io, 
è navigo che me l’ha suggerito…  hi hi!]

mercoledì 20 luglio è partito il mio primo giveaway! fondamentalmente trattasi 
di un gioco fotografico in cui voi, miei cari curiosetti, dovrete cimentarvi 
con la vostra macchinetta e le vostre capacità più o meno artistiche che siano, 
per tirare fuori il capolavoro dell’estate 2011

lunedì 18 luglio 2011

lipton earl grey… portfolio round two!

I feel the desire to see my portfolio column taking shape… 
for this, today I post another project I realized with lipton, lipton earl grey.

this time lipton wanted to communicate the achievement of a milestone: earl grey 
tea, grown in kericho, india, had been certified 100% by rainforest alliance.
to communicate the news to journalist I realized this folder up here, bringing to 
mind the world of geographical explorations, drawing maps to identify the plantations, 
notes and press release written as a real travel diary. 

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

new column: portfolio icon

ok darling, today I give you only a notice… from now, you could browse through 
my works in my new portfolio column, just clicking on this lovely book you can
find in the sidebar!

for now there is only one post but I will publish many more… little by little!

giovedì 14 luglio 2011

lipton discovery

today I start with a new column! my portfolio… hooray!
in this section I will share with you my favorite works made during these years!

and of course I start with a yellow work… lipton discovery.
in the last four years I worked for unilever, better known for products as algida
[wall’s in the uk, good humor in the states, frigo in spain, and so on…], knorr,
calvédove, mentadent [signal in usa, pepsodent in asia], sunsilk, tigi, cif,
svelto [sun in uk], coccolino [comfort in uk], etc etc…

martedì 12 luglio 2011

vanity fair!

these days I am so busy I have no time to write to you… sorry…
but anyway I try to post something… enjoy these illustrations!  she’s a great artist
[has worked for vanity fair italia] and has a great sense of humor that she manage
to express with her illustrations! I adore the number three! don’t you?! ahahahah!

and just to let you know… vanity fair by william makepeace thackeray is one
of my favorite book!

1. voglio quelle scarpe . sperling&kupfer 2004  2. il grande glen, rubrica . vanity 
fair n°16, 2007  3. luna . class 2004  4. sara not firma  .  illustrations by sara not

venerdì 8 luglio 2011

in a yellow [extraordinary] world…

this is my lunchbreak! I take advantage of it to post a beautiful smudge of yellow
chu eun sil of course! and her extraordinary world… the same world I see when
I wear my sunglasses with yellow lenses! for real!!

happy friday and happy weekend!

1. kiki - fly  2. boy -tulip  3. no title, 2009  .  illustrations by chun eun sil

giovedì 7 luglio 2011

after the battle…

what an effort!
dear readers… today was an hard day, but I think that now I can switch off the computer
and relax a little on my sofa…  the knight rest!

can you hear this beautiful music? it’s stacey kent, one of my favorite singer…


hula girls!

work is going on very well! it’s very demanding and I have so many thing to do, 
all at once, but I’m so happy… in a week I have created 3 logos and I have two 
more to… great! and event mounting, invites, press folder, web layout, adv, etc… 
everyday it’s even more exciting!

martedì 5 luglio 2011

hawaii essentials

last week, before june ending, we were talking about hawaii… 
as I said, we had gone in the north shore of oahu, and one day we went to visit honolulu 
and waikiki beach… absolutely awful! do you remember when merlin, in the disney 
the sword in the stone, shouts honoluluuuuu… I’m coming? well i had ever thought 
that honolulu was an exotic and fascinating place, as the north shore is… 

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

a yellow moodboard …and the bitch called d return!

hello dears!
the passed weekend was the hen party one… and everything went smoothly… 
I met the bitch called d and her friend, the hippie called e. the hippie was nice 
but I prefer to be vague about… 

anyway… super p was very happy and that’s what matters!!

sorry but I have wrote these few line hours ago, then pru came home at home so 
I put off posting to now… and suddenly, as I was starting to write… I have received 
an email from the bitch called d… unbelievable!!!! ahhahaahahahaahahahahahah! 
can’t stop laughing!! 

venerdì 1 luglio 2011