sabato 26 novembre 2011

the silent guardians…

here I am! It’s saturday morning, after a long walk in the park with sciré and a light
breakfast [just because the only thing I had in the fridge was a yoghurt, nothing else… 
uff! I really need to go to the supermarket today!!] I am here in front of my computer
writing to you… who is you? there is someone there?!

today I just wanna share with you some of the beautiful statues I saw in bali during
my last holiday… I promised you I would have talk about it and so this is the post!

lunedì 21 novembre 2011

grey landscapes…

I’m not here, sadly I know… I have a lot of work curiosetti, and no time to dedicate
to my lovely blog… this make me so sad… and these days, greys and colds
as concrete doesn’t make me feel better!

I think that michael najjar transmits, with his pictures, the november feeling…
everything die, not yet the happily light and decorations of xmas, no more
the warm color of october… fog, freeze wind, tears due to cold that make you
see everything blur…  bad feelings!

giovedì 10 novembre 2011

grey facets… but it’s a sunny day!

hallo dear curious friend!

last month I was totally captured by this artist, russel leng… I don’t know why,
but the facets that make up this kind of clusters, fascinates me!
so much that I tried to make a logo inspired by his works, but has not been
very successful! uff… was so cute!! really!

my favorite among these are the number 1 [I would love to have this hang on my 
wall…] and the number 3… but on his website you could see other great works!

martedì 8 novembre 2011

november grey…

back from bali, I still have in my eyes and in my heart the magical feeling of beeing 
there… bali is an enchanting paradise: nature, people, ancient and fascinating 
culture. amazing! I’m in love with bali!