martedì 26 aprile 2011

my little elephant around the world!

hi everybody!
this easter weekend has been so gratifying for my little elephant!!
with his balloon [earth day version] he has been around the world, from a blog to
another… and than he came back to tell me about the wonderful things he had seen…

if you are curious to know where he fluttered in these days, you can find a list
of link here below!!

 maria fé and her little jack posted him here and than gave me the honour
of being one of her favorite blogs! visit her on!

  thanks talin! go to read what she said about the earth day post on her

  jen, from cooking love and life, taught him a really nice rhyme by dr. seuss

  maggie jean said: I know there has been a lot of reblogging as of late, but 
how can you NOT love this elephant’s face!? SO CUTE!!!! AH!!!

  even on prep, my way, he has received nice compliments!

  thanks to sharon from  simply montessori for hosting my little elephant on her
blog… and yes, I know my blog it’s written only in italian… my english, as you can
see, it's not so good… but I promise I’ll try to add the english version at my posts!

there’s a lot of other blogs, [mostly on tumbler] that have reposted my earth day 
elephant, just have a look at the link below one of the tumbler post, here above!

and let me know if my elephant has popped across your blog!

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