mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

half woman, half fish… mermaid!

since I was a child, I have always been attracted by mythology and have always 
loved mythical creatures… unicorns, satyrs, nymphs, centaurs and of course… 
mermaids! mermaids are so beautiful and fascinating… even if often are presented 
as spoiled and wicked creatures… can you remember the mermaid lagoons in 
disney’s peter pan?! well, I have never loved wendy so much… 

ippo [my boyfriend, Ed.] has said that if, one day, he should decide to get tatooed, 
it would definitly be a mermaid, 50s style, as a sailorman! I think he would love 
to be a fish, that’s why every day he goes to swim early in the morning and every 
years he wanna go on holiday at the sea, even in winter… [to let you know… 
he’s just back from a surf holiday in the indian ocean, lucky him!]

for sure he has not eaten the delicious thai food I tasted in london with the peekabo 
girl! yeeeeah! if you’re planning a weekend in london, you cannot do without 
going at busaba etathai thai restaurant!! taste the thai calamari! sooo incredibly 
delicious!! you cannot understand until you have tasted! I ate calamari, sen chan 
pad thai [rice noodle with prawn, peanut, green mango and crabmeat… no words…]
tom kha chicken [lemograss chicken with glass noodle in coconut and galangal soup]
por-pia jay [spring rolls] and I have tasted a dish with duck but I can’t remember 
which one… accompained by a guava juice… the non plus ultra…

and I really appreciate even the noodles from wok to walk, whole wheat noodles 
with chicken breast and bangkok sauce… so tasty! yes, I’m a glutton!! I love food…
from every parts of the world! and I can’t stand people that go in a foreign country 
and want to eat only italian food… do you know what I mean? only cornetto and 
espresso coffee for breakfast, only pasta or pizza for lunch and dinner, maybe 
a salad! grrrrrr… why don’t you stay in italy if you can’t enjoy foreign food?!

and now… I go to have my dinner! meatball with tomato sauce!! 
good evening and good night…

1. illustration from the watkins hearthside cookbook . 1952  2. january, 26 . 3lda
3. peter pan mermaid lagoon . mary blair  4. a tip off the hat to elvgren . david groff
5. vintage mermaids . sarah jane  6. mermaids for walden surfboards artists series .
heather ross  7. laura veirs concert poster . diana sudyka  8. blue mermaid with
fishes . kate pugsley  9. sirène . luciolland  10, 11. mermaids . britney lee
12. bottoms up! . derek

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