martedì 26 luglio 2011

lemon summer party! download!

hallooooo! today I have a gift for you!!
even if this summer is not really a hot summer, maybe you would like to enjoy 
a warm day making a little party! why not?! I suggest you a lemon summer party!! 
yes, first of all because it’s a yellow party[!], second because you could prepare 
a lot of drink with lemon, with sodas or alchool if you want to make an evening 
party… and last but not least, because lemon is a refreshing flavour and could bring 
the missing summer feeling!

so… just dowload the wonderful lemon summer party goodies I have designed!! 
you could find an invite [6.] to send with this perfect kate’s paperie envelope
some little flags to make happy summer topper for your fingerfood delights [2.], 
conewraps to serve the delicious lemon ice cream you will make [3.], some tags 
to make your table beautiful [4.], and a teaspoon case, where you can put spoon 
and napkin together… I adore it…[5.]

enjoy! and let me know how cool your party will be!

conditions of use
please read before downloading

the dowloadable pdf in this post  is free for personal use only. 
not for commercial use. if you wish to use any of my design you are kindly 
requested to attribuite it to me by linking to my blog. I would also be pleased 
if you do not link directly to a downloadable page but to the entire post.

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