giovedì 14 luglio 2011

lipton discovery

today I start with a new column! my portfolio… hooray!
in this section I will share with you my favorite works made during these years!

and of course I start with a yellow work… lipton discovery.
in the last four years I worked for unilever, better known for products as algida
[wall’s in the uk, good humor in the states, frigo in spain, and so on…], knorr,
calvédove, mentadent [signal in usa, pepsodent in asia], sunsilk, tigi, cif,
svelto [sun in uk], coccolino [comfort in uk], etc etc…

needless to say that all these projects I will show you today and in the next
protfolio posts gave me great satisfactions!

in this case, lipton, within a broader discourse of consumer awareness about
the sustainability, asked us to take advantage of the certification obtained by
rainforest alliance to explain the process of tea production chain and the rules
that govern it making lipton tea not only tasty, but also sustainable and fair
to workers and environment.

to involve the consumer we have created a series of advertorials that explain in
a simple and entertaining way as a sustainable thinking can make our life better.

for the advertorial on focus junior, I made this wonderful snakes and ladders game!
[have I already said that I am very modest? no?! why?]
the costumer liked it so much that they decided to print a pocket version
of it to be distribuited to children at the trofeo topolino ski race

1. lipton discovery logo  2. lipton discovery game case  3, 4. illustrations and icons
5. the game paged for the advertorial

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[all images by virr]

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  1. Complimenti davvero per le tue opere!

  2. Super! Anche io voglio il giochino del Thè! Grande Virrrrrrrr :D

  3. @mari ciao mari!! guarda caso ne ho proprio uno che mi avanza… ma con i nostri tempi… mi sa che te lo devo spedire!! ;-)