lunedì 18 luglio 2011

lipton earl grey… portfolio round two!

I feel the desire to see my portfolio column taking shape… 
for this, today I post another project I realized with lipton, lipton earl grey.

this time lipton wanted to communicate the achievement of a milestone: earl grey 
tea, grown in kericho, india, had been certified 100% by rainforest alliance.
to communicate the news to journalist I realized this folder up here, bringing to 
mind the world of geographical explorations, drawing maps to identify the plantations, 
notes and press release written as a real travel diary. 

these maps has also been used by national geographic [here and here] at a 
photographic exhibition pertaining to the territory of nilgiri, in collaboration with wwf.

well… I know it could be a little bit boring when I talk about my portfolio… 
but… stay tuned! because I’m preparing a surprise for you!

1. india map icon  2. the cover of the folder  3. a miniature to show you the three 
panel folder  4. a detail of the first and second panel illustration

conditions of use

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if you wish to share any of my design you are kindly requested to attribuite 
it to me by linking to my blog. 

[all images by virr]

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