martedì 13 settembre 2011

in love with amedeo… modigliani!

hallo curious people!
today a wanna share with you my passion for amedeo modigliani
he is one of my favorite modern painter… of course all of you know his long necks,
his colours, his lines… I’m in love with him… and this is definitely my favorite painting!

the caption says: portrait of lunia czechowska, 1919, oil on canvas, private collection.

I’m a little bit disappointed because lunia is turned to the left and in my page it would
have been better and more, how can I put it… more balanced, if it had been turned
to right… you know… I’m a graphic designer, I have my little obsession… anyway…

I think that I could find the perfect position on a wall in my home…

isn’t she so beautiful? how lucky is the owner of this paint!!

[wallpaper images by hannes beer . the all day everyday project]

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