giovedì 8 settembre 2011

waiting for… the first day of school!

well, not really the first day of school, I’m 29 actually… 
but september has always been the month of school new year beginning… 
and it always has meant new stationery!!! I love stationery! entering in a 
stationer’s it’s an exciting moment to me, every time, just as the sensation of entering 
in a supermarket when I go abroad! ok, maybe we have to talk about this… 
not now, today we are talking about the emotion of buying a new pen, a strange pencil, 
a vintage ruler, a special pencil case, a stamp… and of course, the sensation of writing 
on the first blank page of a new diary, notepad, moleskine, drawing block 
or everything you like… 

the first thing I do when I buy a new journal is paste my ex-libris on the first 
page, writing my name and information on the second page… 
and then smelling the pages…

once I found this sentence on a school diary of mine: 

a journal is a journal as a year is a year. 
is what you put in it, the journal and the year, that makes the difference.

ever since then I have started every diary with this sentence, 
as a reminder and a lucky charm!

1. orange and fuchsia note pad . campo marzio  2. desk rubber stamp . 
present & correct 3. eraser BR40 . pelikan  4, 10. pencil and pencil sharpener from 
the writing set . fabriano  5. fancolor pen . caran d’ache  6. homework pencil case . 
present & correct  7, 8. double ended orange hyrid pen and gel ink ball point pen . 
muji  9. stabilo boss marker . stabilo  11. acme wood ruler . present & correct 
[I definitely adore present&correct!!]

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