martedì 13 dicembre 2011

yes virginia, there is santa claus!

this at number 1 is the letter written by virginia that appeared  on the sun with 
the famous answer! if you want to now all the story about her, I refer to this page 
on wikipedia, where you can even read the original article published in 1897… 
it’s a classic of the us christmas tradition and macy’s, in 2008, launched 
its first campaign based on virginia’s story, in collaboration with the make-a-wish 
foundation… believe.

the book [at number 2] is great and I’m so happy to have it, with the great illustrations 
by james bernardin that make it so beautiful in the appearance as well as in the content!

from this link you can download the emmy award winnig song yes virginia 
from macy’s website, and you can find much more dowloadable items… 
you can even write a letter to santa and send it… make it, and believe!

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