mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

earth day donation!

yess, my little elephant has had a wonderfull idea!

I was searching for something I could do with my tees, just to make them 
really sustainable, and I found out this initiative called newtrees, promoted by wwf
and googleplant a tree and watch it grow with google earth! it’s really nice ’cos you
make a donation, about 10$ for a tree, and they plant it in indonesia, giving you the
exact coordinate so you could follow his growth!

I’m going to give 1 dollar for each items purchased in my shop! it means
that every ten items I will plant a tree and I’ll show you the certificate
and the coordinate to watch it grow!

I want you to noticed that navigo a vista has yet purchased two items! 
I have bought one too… so are 7 items left to donate the first tree!!
go green curiosetti!

6 commenti:

  1. -6!!!!

    I just bought my Mug!!!

    Can we give to our tree a name?

    1. yeeeah! of course! and you zia atena could choose the name for the first tree!!

  2. Ohhhhh...che responsabilitààààà!!!
    Ci penso allora eh...

    (Mi sa che presto passerai a -5...)

  3. Ciao cara...ti ho appena mandato una mail all'indirizzo del blog..
    Aspetto tue notizie..


  4. I miei bellissimi oggetti by Virr sono arrivato oggi!!! Son stupendi!
    Il primo albero lo nomino io se permettete che ho aperto la caccia e sono anziana :)

    1. oh che bello!!!! foto foto foto foto!