giovedì 31 maggio 2012

my fuchsia party recipes!

hallo curiosetti! this was my party table! so fuchsia!!
and here you can find the easy and quick recipes I used to cook
my super fuchsia buffet!

1. savory 100 layer cake or ham & cheese crêpes cake
[it was a cocktail party, so I cannot serve sweets or a real birthday cake… 
this savory version was perfect!!]

to make about 40 crêpes [22 cm Ø]

1 litre milk
100 grams  butter
6 eggs
500 grams flour
sugar [yes, even if savory…]

sliced cheese [about 40 slices]
sliced ham [about 20 slices]

sift the flour and combine with milk, melted butter, whisked eggs, a pinch of salt
and a pinch of sugar. let batter sit for an hour in the fridge. when you’re ready
to use it, whisk it and make all your crêpes.

now you could add ham & cheese!

put one crêpe in the pan, and add one and half slice of ham, cover with
another crêpe and add three [or four] cheese slices, cover with another crêpe.
turn it with the help of a spatula and let it cook for 1-2 minutes [until cheese 
is melted]. then put on your cake stand [or in a dish]. repeat for all your crêpes
and enjoy your savory cake!
[you could even add some besciamella on top , just as icyng… yumm!]

2-4. artichockes or onion mini quiche

to make about 12 mini quiche [5 cm Ø]

250 grams brisée pastry
5 onion [or 8 artichockes]
brie cheese

crème royale 
2 egg yolks
1 egg
200 ml heavy cream 

in a pan simmer the five sliced onions with water, salt and marjoram 
[can you smell the aroma?! yumm!], until soft (about 25 minutes). 
when water is evaporated add some olive oil and let the onions caramelize
for a while. put the pastry in a non sticky molds, and put a little slice 
of brie on the bottom of each mold. then fill with a spoonful of onions, 
another slice of brie on top and cover with a spoonful of créme royale.

put in the oven at 180°C for about 20-25 minutes.
[you could make this delicious quiche with everything you prefer… 
pepper, eggplant, leek, ham, cherry tomatoes, you name it!]

see you later for the other yummy recipes!!

3. raspberry jelly
5. fuchsia eggs
6. mini delicious meatball

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