giovedì 12 luglio 2012

what is red in amsterdam?!

what a wonderful city amsterdam! I have ever loved netherlands since I was 

ten-y-o, and I can clearly remember my project on polder, tulips, wind mills 
et cetera for my primary school final exam…

well, this city is amazing. I would have loved to live in each house I saw going 
around with my bike! yeeeah, ippo convinced me to rent one! I was reluctant 
’cos there were bike darting around us, from every direction… instead… 
it had been really funny and we went everywhere up and down the canals!
what to do in amsterdam? well, we bought a guide, and everything was about
coffee shops and sexy shops. of course many people goes to amsterdam for 
coffee shops, on our plane there were only twenty-y-o boy, us, and three fifty-y-o 
women [teachers going for a cultural holiday, you know, museum, architecture…]

we visited the vangogh museum, nothing special… the rijksmuseum, it’s worth 
a visit!, and the heineken experience, really interesting! then we wondered around 
admiring the beautiful and the lopsided houses… we also make a boat tour! but we 
had no time to go to see the windmills… next time!

1. traditional wood clog souvenir . in every shop in amsterdam  2. single red tulip . 
stock  .  3. siri . lelo  4. xxx . sant’andrew’s crosses, represent the three dangers 
which have traditionally plagued the city: flood, fire, and pestilence. you can find 
it around the city on flags, doors, streetlamps, etc  5. write a bike . juri zaech 
6. windmill 3D puzzle  7. architectural illustration . palina klimava  8. gouda cheese

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