sabato 27 aprile 2013

let’s bbq!!

hallo curiosetti! 
today I have a present for you!! it’s time to live your garden, enjoy nature 
and…  make great bbq parties with friends!
download this colorful and delicious invite for your bbq! I have also made 
a placemat that you can use as a placemat of course [by printing it on a A3 format], 
or folding it to make cute cutlery pouches, [by printing in a A4 format]. 

happy weekend!
and don’t forget to be kind with nature, every day should be an earth day!

conditions of use
please read before downloading

the files in this post are free for personal use only. not for commercial use. 
if you wish to use any of my design you are kindly requested to attribuite it 
to me by linking to my blog. would also be pleased if you do not link directly 
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