venerdì 17 maggio 2013

somewhere, over the rain(bow)… dance!

rain, rain, go away!

I’m fed up with all this rain!! where spring is? in a while it will be my birthday 
and it would be lovely if I could celebrate with hot weather and sunshine!

so, lets do a little rain(bow) dance! you need to wear a very colorful 
and happy dress, with some funny and spring scarf or hat or socks if your 
feet are freezing! than add some flowers, real or fake, it doesn’t matter! 

now open your umbrella! it should be a silly and very winter-shoo umbrella, 
or the dance does not work! 

last but not least, eat a cake, the perfect one would be a rainbow cake, but it’s 
ok every kind of cake that makes you happy!

1. rainbow cake . one charming party  .  2. live colorfully umbrella . kate spade .  
3. kiss face umbrella . felix ray  .  4. picnic multistripe scarf . kate spade  .  
5. vestido paraguasagatha ruiz de la prada  .  6. flowers and ladybug . les néréides

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