mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

wall of rainbows

it’s been awhile since I have updated my wall of frame… 
today I wanna hang a collection of poster, so colored that it’s like
I have framed the raimbow! 

finally days are hot and sunny, and my desire of working in front of the screen 
is under my feet… oh… if summer could be a three-months-holiday as when
we where child! I have a lot of places to see around the world! I need time!
the next place I really would like to go is japan [oh my! I think I could fall in love 
with japan tradition and culture… and I’m a bit afraid of it ’cause when I fall in 
love with a place, I feel the urge of coming back once, twice, and so on! 
and food, ooh food…] but I do not know yet where I’m going to take
my weary limbs this summer! we will see…

as usual, see you later [or tomorrow] for captions!

1. gold paper scissors . almost modern  .  2. scope . sgustok design  .  3. beast in
a neon cage . jon wong  .  4. olympiche spiele münchen1972 . max bill  .  5. liber ac .
  vbg  .  6. tim finn . georgia perry

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