venerdì 26 luglio 2013

are you hungry? download!

hallo curiosetti! july is almost ended and august is arriving… 
what about a summer-grill-bbq-swimming pool-garden-green-wild-hungry party?
invite your friends!! this invite is so cute they cannot say no!

let’s download my hungry carnivorous plants!! [here you can find also toppers
just add a toothpick, and little green flags to hang in your place with some string!]

love love!

conditions of use
please read before downloading

the files in this post are free for personal use only. not for commercial use. 
if you wish to use any of my design you are kindly requested to attribuite it 
to me by linking to my blog. would also be pleased if you do not link directly 
to a downloadable page but to the entire post. thanks!!

[all images by virr

2013 ©virr

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