martedì 5 novembre 2013

brown! yum! bow wow!

and here we are… it’s november! to me the month in the middle… 
well, it’s definitely winter, but summer is still so close in memory and christmas 
is coming so far! it’s like a bridge you have to pass, so you wanna pass it quickly 
to arrive as far as you can on the other side! but we could make it more pleasant 
enjoying some little pleasure… the soft warm feeling of a new wool 
cardigan, the I-need-this-to-survive-the-cold-of-winter priceless flavour 
of some indulgent sweets, the chestnut taste… 

what else? oh well, I love the brow fatty butt of my little sciré, when she lays 
on the ground and perfectly blend in with the leaves!

happy brown november!

1. spotted dog vase . museo larco, lima, perù  .  2. ghost cupcake . chocolate&carrots  . 
3. twiggy matches . via pinterest  .  4. string classic shoes . church  .  5. roasted 
chestnuts . via pinterest  .  6. 100% alpaca yarns  . blu sky alpaca  .  7. pine cone . 
cereal magazine  .  8. my little sciré butt in the chicken position! 2013©virr

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