lunedì 25 novembre 2013


movember is a very brilliant idea! it seems that everybody have a pair 
of mustache this month, also here in Italy, where this kind of actions use to arrive 
later than in other countries… of course I cannot grow mustache even though the 
famous italian proverb says: donna baffuta sempre piaciuta, that I can try to translate
with hairy ladies have been admired throughout the ages.

to get involved, if you, as me, cannot let your mustache grows, you can go here
choose the mo-brother you prefer and give some money for a good cause! 
hurry up! november [and so movember] is almost at the end!!

1. moustaches en papier . elle decor  .  2. amar lo che uno hace . guridi  .  3. movember 
2013 logo  .  4. camera and mustache cookie . manjar  .  5. whimsical hanging folk . 
samanthastas  .  6. moustache spectacles holder

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