sabato 30 novembre 2013

panettone anyone?

some days ago I find a galup panettone at the supermarket and I fell in love 
with it’s new vintage packaging! it’s so beautiful!! it’s one of that things you think: 
I wish I made this! really, you could go on their web site and see it closer. galup has 
opened a new store in turin few days ago, the first one in italy, to relaunch the brand, 
but I think they made it yet with the packaging! the chocolate one will be 
on my table for christmas! 

1,2,3. gianduja, chocolate and without candied fruit panettone . galup  .  4. pandolce 
genovese . panarello  .  5,6,7. classic chocolate, extra dark choccolate and gourmet 
panettone . le tre marie 

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