venerdì 15 novembre 2013

silent witnesses of time passing by…

I have always loved tree bark… the texture, the rough surface, the infinite motives 
you could find in its lines… when I was a child I use to read books as trouble for 
trumpets, gnomes and woodland stories and the illustration was filled of secrets 
and hide illustrations, like trolls, faces, animals… 

maybe that’s why I always look at tree bark as it has secrets to disclose… I’m fascinated 
by everything in nature, but trees have something special to me… maybe ’cos they 
are so similar to people, they grow up shaped by weather, dealing with storms, 
winds, rain, and enjoying the sun. more wrinkles more life to tell, more sign 
more things to remember. but they live more then us, so they have stories from 
the past to tell, and maybe, they will tell ours too, as silent witnesses 
of time passing by.

sorry but I cannot find the captions for the images above… 

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