sabato 24 maggio 2014

mermaid mom-to-be…

yesterday we had the 5th month visit and now we could proudly say that the little 
fish is baby girl!

my baby girl!! I could imagine her swimming in my belly like a little mermaid… 
yes, ’cos she moves all day long! everything I do she do it with me… and if I rest 
she goes on swimming and dancing… sometimes even at night… 

here above a kit for a mom[of a little mermaid]-to-be… ;-)

1. sunrise shell necklace . nani earrings  .  2. surf jacket . billabong capsule collection  . 
3. marine themed temporary tattoo . tattly  .   4. a daughter of the sea . via  .  5. nail 
polish  .  6. monofin . mahina merfin  .  7. one-of-a-kind ring . satomi kawakita

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