giovedì 26 maggio 2016

thank you creativity: boy - girl - animal episode #2

just to say that this is the second creative exercise published on  Thank You 
Creativity wrote by me and my colleague frenchips for Cannes Lions.

Boy - Girl - Animal

create a chart for your brief, by choosing from a few complex categories. these can 
be anything, a historical figure, city, piece of art, book, emotion, food, letter, color, 
music, flower, animal, and such other topics. 

for each category you have to answer the question: what would my brief subject 
be if it was…?

the more original the link, the more suitable or inspirational the topics will be.

afterwards each of you have to explain the links to the other participants.

waiting for the third (and last) exercises by Sir Fred to be published, let’s check out
the daily creativity page and “boost your brainpower”!

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