giovedì 1 settembre 2016

hallo september!

september is here at last…
like every year, summer is gone so fast, but what I love about the end of summer is the new beginning: once was the new year at school, now is new planning, new projects ready to fly, brand new ideas and positive energies to spend. [and new clothes for me and my little one!] [and gym… of course…]

to me is better than the first day of january, because that is a fake new beginning… is like starting diet on wednesday… but september, yes, it’s the real one. so, I’m happy and ready to enjoy this new year with you! 

but also, I have still a summer holiday waiting for me at the end of the month, so summer it’s not really ended for me…

oh! and stay tuned, I already told you I have some new project… xmas is just behind the corner ;-)

1. katie litch  .  2. expand your horizons . kate spade  .  3, 5. jenny bowers notebook and illustration  .  4. alice and lois  .  6. momiji doll

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