martedì 31 maggio 2011

inside a red apple…

even my friend mela blew out the candles on sunday! mela in english means apple..
in her honour today I’m going to tell you about an american crafter.. emily martin, 
the black apple! we [mela end me] discovered this artist when we worked togeter, 
about two years ago.. [two years!! time flies away so fast!] I fell in love with her dolls, 
but I really like most of her works.. even if she has a quirky taste for melancholy 
characters, sometimes freaks.. all of her subjects are child or animal that seems to 
come from a far away world, a silent and muffled far away world..
well… yesterday I was telling you about the day I had met victoria grant! this is the 
rest of the story… me and my friend, the peekaboo girl, were in kilburn park to 
follow a forniture workshop at sk studios… as we went in asking about the workshop… 
ta-da! she was in her studio, working on some hats!! yeeeeeeeeee! I was speechless 
and the peekaboo girl [she will never ever be without something to say… ahahahahh!]
told victoria we are in love with her hats, all of her hats, and she started talking with 
us, telling us about her jobs, showing us some hats in progress… then she asked us 
to go to her workshop! yuppie! thanks victoria!! then we made a stool at the forniture 
workshop… now the peekaboo girl has two wonderful stools in her house…

1. paper dolls  2. twins doll  3. the illustrated girl . all images by emily martin

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