lunedì 30 maggio 2011

red feathers dress

on wednesday I was walking in knightsbridge and I came across harvey nichols store.. 
the windows were a tribute to alexander mcqueen and my reaction when I saw his 
wonderful creations displayed had been this: wow..
each dress was a sculpture.. and I stared at a red one.. made of red feathers..
so gorgeouse! it must be the one at number 3! for sure sandra suy, the incredible
illustrator that has drawn the women you can see here, has been struck with
the same dress!

few minutes later I was at harrods, in the millinery section, with the same wow in the
eyes and the desire of trying all of those hats on my head.. oooooh! how can I explain
my emotions of being there, with 20.. 30.. 40 and more fantastic hats by philip treacy
and victoria grant? you can't understand if you don't love hats the way I do! and I’m
sure you cannot believe I met victoria grant!! maybe just because you’t know
who she is.. but.. this is another story.. tomorrow I’ll tell you the rest..

1, 2, 3, 4. illustrations by the barcelona based artist sandra suy

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