mercoledì 29 giugno 2011


this morning I’m at home working… not really working ‘cos I wrote to my collegues
about what I have to do today but they has not answered yet…
so I can dedicate this time to my blog and my little sweet elephant!

this month, turquoise dressed, is almost at the end… we have talked about water,
about seas and days at the beach, mermaids and whales, of underwater world
and no profit associations dedicated to the conservation of oceans and seas…

but what about fish?! not fish to eat [I love it! who doesn’t?!] but fish fish, fish
swimming in the sea, or, why not, in your aquarium… ippo [my boyfriend] loves
animals in general, and last year he stressed me out for weeks about how he would
like to have an hamster… bleah! I will never have a mouse in my house!
[not on purpose at least…] but he likes fish too, so for xmas, my mother and me,
bought him a bowl with three fish, like the fish at number 6… in a week they died
so we bought other two fish, different variety, and it seemed they could live…
but after some weeks, one a time, we found them belly-up…
third round, other two fish, the stronger variety we could find, koi carp!
one died last week and the survivor is still there in the aquarium…

they do not excite me at all… they do not talk, they do not show gratitude,
or affection… you cannot touch them, cuddle them… just stupid and
pointless animals… don’t you think?

1. moor shoal . amy holliday  2. soak my feet . horizon fire  3. fish . natascha 
rosenberg  4. redcap randas . amy holliday  5. alice in wonderland illustration,
1916 [I found out this in a little antiquarian bookshop in london] . margaret tarrant
6. oranda colour . amy holliday

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  1. non fa una piega! però si dice rilassi molto fissarli mentre nuotano ;)