mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

honolulu baby..

we said that june is going to end.. and july is there, just behind the corner.. I woul like to go on holiday.. but with the new job I don't know if I will go somewhere or I have to stay here working.. for sure the place where I would like to go [again..] is.. hawaii!!

have you ever been there?! I can say yes!! it was october, 2009. pru,ferdi [a friend of us] and I stayed in ohau, north shore, for ten days! north shore, the country, it's a wanderful place and we could not be more lucky! ten days of sun, waves, good food and amazing landscape! there are no hotels in that part of the island, except for a golf resort.. and we were in the most beautiful place we could find: chun's reef, at marlu's house! a private terrace over the ocean... it was paradise!

we enjoyed every moments of the holiday.. and actually it's the only place where I would like to go back!

1. hawaiian island squares . everything is jake!  2. hawaiian vintage map . via poetic home  3. oahu road map . honolulu city and county website  5.  hawaiian island map postcard  6. original state picture map . stories divinations

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