giovedì 2 giugno 2011

june calendar special edition!

today is a festive day here in italy.. the republic day.. it does not really appeal to me,
but there is one thing I adore about this day.. the military parade!! I love it! when
the band plays the national anthem, when the big italian flag is unrolled down
the collosseo..
all those uniformed men marching in formation.. don't you think
uniformed men are irresistible? I have a soft spot for them..

well.. just to say that today I'm at home with mrs fr. [my mother, Ed.] for this the
daily post is only to remember you the navigo_a_vista edition of my june calendar!
download it!

and happy weekend!

conditions of use
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the dowloadable pdf in this post  is free for personal use only. 
not for commercial use. if you wish to use any of my design you are 
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[all images by virr]

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