venerdì 3 giugno 2011

living in a waterworld..

it seems to be a november rainy day.. stop raining, please! I wanna go to the beach!!
if someone, something, somewhatever-it-is listen to my request, please, stop raining!

all this rain remind me of an amazing korean artist I discorvered times ago on someone's
blog [sorry, I can't remember who's blog..] chun eun sil draws underwater life, flowers
and birds in a submerged world, letters as fishes swimming on the seabed..
an inoffensive shark behind the bookshelf!
on her website there are thousand of illustrations about this and other imaginative
world.. marvelously drawn.. plunge into her imagination! happy swim!

1. someday - pinocchio  2, 4. sea - lotus  3. no title  5.  sea - yellow flower .
 illustrations by chun eun sil

4 commenti:

  1. @annek vai a veder quanto sono belli gli altri suoi lavori sul sito! è strepitosa!

  2. fatto. mamma quante illustrazioni. tutte meravigliose *_*
    grazie a te per le segnalazioni ♥

  3. @annek si vero? sono una più bella dell'altra! quando le guardo mi perdo in un altro mondo.. 