mercoledì 22 giugno 2011

of mermaids… and a bitch called d!

ok, today I’m really angry, for several reasons!
the one that make me fume the most is about super p’s hen party… as you know
my friend super p is getting married in a month and I’m the maid of honor
usually maid of honors have to plan the hen party, or not?! well… in the last
two or three month I have looked around to find the perfect place, the perfect gift,
the perfect way to make her feeling a princess for one night

instead, one day, without I had been advice in any way, have received a text
message in which someone called d informed me that the hen party would be on
july 2 and 3 in varazze [a little city in liguria]. well, ok, what the fuck…?! am I
planning the same hen party?! I called super p for an explanation and she evenly
said that her friend d had asked her so enthusiastically to organize the party that
she had not been able to say no… ok… I’m a very indulgent person… in spite 
of all the time I had spent on it in the last two months!

ok d, feel free to plan the hen party… I answered her I would be free for that
week end and made me helpful for any things… ok… we would be four people…
four people?!?! and what kind of hen party is it? four people out of 10??!
I thought: maybe it’s just because the cost of the night out [around 150 euro 
including the hotel] is too high for someone… may we could move it to another 
week end… or plan to have just a dinner party in milan, because in my thoughts, 
more people could be and more super p would be happy [you only hen party 
once in your life, or al least this is the hope]… and I told her… if I had not done!

                                                                                                    [to be continue…]

I’ll go on later, maybe tomorrow… now look at these wonderful mermaids!
do mermaids bring good luck? of course, are so beautiful!

have a good day!

1. la petite sirène et autres contes d’andersen . francesca carabelli  2. mermaid girl .
chris sanders  3. unusually modest mermaid, june 8th, 2011 . kris atomic  4. mermaid
sketches . simona sanfilippo  5. sirène, june 5th, 2011 . anaïs schenke

4 commenti:

  1. I came here just to tell you "many compliments" for your drawings (I saw them on Navigo_a_Vista blog)..and the I've found this post...soooo funny soooo close to my feelings...

    So now I wnat to tell you "many compliments" for your drawings and for your post... (I've been maid of honor two times and for all the two times it happened the same as you...)

  2. no no no no. non va bene!
    e son daccordo con te. anch'io preferirei avere vicino tutte le mie amiche che mi festeggiano.
    però a quanto pare a super-p sta bene così...

  3. @ annek vero?! invece no, non ho ancora il continuo anche perchè più ci penso più mi viene il nervoso… dalle news di ieri a quanto pare super p preferisce proprio fare un bel week end al mare… vabbè, meglio così, la cosa cominciava a diventare complicata, appena avrò voglia di mettermi a scrivere il finale dell‘accaduto… capirai! grrrrrrrr!

  4. ciao :) per caso ho ritrovato le mie sirenette qui :) Sono felice che ti piacciano !
    Un abbraccio, Simo.