giovedì 23 giugno 2011

sexy mermaids!

I have worked all the day, until a few minutes ago… I don’t feel like going on
telling you about the bitch called d, I’m so tired and I really wanna go to sleep…
tomorrow will be another hard day… but I promise I will answer at the comments 
you, dear readers, have posted in these days!

and I know I could be a little bit repetitive… but I love mermaids, and I found out
this artist, chris sanders, the same one that drawn lilo & stitch for disney…
he makes wonderful illustrations, beautiful women with big legs and feets…
adorable… and very sexy, as only gil elvgren pin up could be! dont’t you think?

good night…

1. diving study  2. watercolor mermaid  3. mermaid  4. mermaid  5. sketch
6. mermaid  7. princess leia sketch  8. sketch  .  all images by chris sanders

1 commento:

  1. uhm avevano un nonsoché di familiare. lilo & stich sono fantastici!
    e anch'io adoro le sirene. sono magiche ^^