giovedì 16 giugno 2011

our planet is a.. turquoise planet!

on saturday we will have my mother's b-day party and I'm planning everything 
with her.. finger foods, savory cakes, agnolotti, something to drink, somethig 
to toast.. the b-day cake!! what do you think about a chocolate layer cake with 
custard filling and raspberries on top?! my mouth waters just at the thought..

while I organize, you could admire these posters I’ve hung up on my wall of frames..
four of these comes from the blue planet serie by jay ryan. love his illustrations!
well, the polar bear has nothing to do with the marine animals of the other posters,
but it’s part of the same series and the illustration is so beautiful.. I have spared
you the penguin illustration!!

1. blue planet - rays  2. blue planet - kung-fu crab  3. leave me alone  
4. blue planet - polar bear  5, 7. flatstock 27 poster [detail]  6. blue planet - orca
all framed images by jay ryan . the bird machine

5 commenti:

  1. The chocolate cakes are the best and the penguins are adorable *_*
    happy b-day to your mom ♥

  2. @ annek allora ecco a te i pinguini:!!

  3. il link non ha funzionato ma li ho trovati lo stesso! carini. e ho fatto un giro sul sito. certe immagini mi hanno lasciata un po', come dire? perplessa...
    PS anche le razze mi garbano parecchio ;)

  4. perché ho visto immagini di bambini un po' fuori dal mio immaginario... il resto però le ho trovate interessanti