mercoledì 15 giugno 2011

summer?! really??

just pretend I ain’t said it.. today is cloudy again..
is there someone doing a rain dance?!?! well if does, please stop! today is my mum’s
birthday! she turns fifty!! do you want her to have a rainy b-day?! be kind..
and stop fucking dancing!!! [happy birthday mum, I really love you..]

when I was young.. mmmh.. when I was younger june was the month for swimmingpool,
seaside trip, hot weather and icecreams galore.. what had happened? you could say
‘there are no more middle seasons’.. and then we could go on with other banality..
or.. we could be enraptured by these beatiful photos by valerie chiang! pretending it’s
a sunny day at the beach! the artist of this gorgeous photographs is just 18-years-old..
looking at her works I can feel a sensation of suspension, as if time has been stopped
for a while, as if everybody is waiting for something to come..

1. a day at the beach . carolina beach  2. untitled . carolina beach
3. untitled . carolina beach

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