sabato 30 luglio 2011

my mistery mansion!

oh my god! even this month I have not realized that tomorrow is the last day of july! 
too many things in my head… 

but I want to post you one more thing! another page of my portfolio! 
these characters are from a board game I designed for fidenza village, an outlet 
near Milan. do you remember cluedo? well, it was exactly a cluedo game, 
the fidenza mistery mansion game, with alive characters and a murder to solve…

ok, now I really have to go, maybe I will go on explaining this project later! 
sorry but… super p is waiting for me to fasten all the thousand little button 
of her stunning wedding dress! 

1. fidenza mistery mansion . logo  2. the butler  3. the cook  4. the colonel  
5. the nun 6. the gardener  .  wallpaper images growing up brainstorm 
by amanda woodward

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