lunedì 1 agosto 2011

agosto calendar! closed for holidays…

it’s august! and this month there’s not a new color… because I have thought
I need to have a month, an entire month, to relax… well, I’ll go on working
until august 26, but I want to have time to relax when I have not to work…
and sunbathing or reading in the shadow of a tree is more relaxing than
staying in front of the computer… don’t you think?

this doesn’t mean I will leave you alone… I could pop by to post something,
but I don’t wanna let you there waiting for… [surely I will pop by to remind
you of the giveaway!]

so… have a wonderful summer! and download the calendar!

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  1. @anonimo cosa ti perplime? l‘essere anonimo forse?

  2. Bellissimo con gli ombrelloni!! Grrrrrazieee!