lunedì 4 luglio 2011

a yellow moodboard …and the bitch called d return!

hello dears!
the passed weekend was the hen party one… and everything went smoothly… 
I met the bitch called d and her friend, the hippie called e. the hippie was nice 
but I prefer to be vague about… 

anyway… super p was very happy and that’s what matters!!

sorry but I have wrote these few line hours ago, then pru came home at home so 
I put off posting to now… and suddenly, as I was starting to write… I have received 
an email from the bitch called d… unbelievable!!!! ahhahaahahahaahahahahahah! 
can’t stop laughing!! 

how can I explain… I have made by myself some gift for super p, a bowl for their 
wedding rings and a crown for the hen party… so beautiful! then I have bought 
a lot of candy and a powder duster from kiko… 
the bitch and the hippie bought gifts too. thus far everything is ok… 
I had my gifts and them had their… now she writes me telling me I must pay 
for their gifts!! [moreover their gifts were so trash!!]

ahhahahahahahahah! can you believe this?! so funny! oh dear d, you are 
so funny!! so funny… just wait for my answer tomorrow… you will find that 
I could be even more funny!

1. inspiration daily palette 05.23.11 . creature comforts  2. E27 silicon suspension 
lamp  3. pantone 101  4. lemon slice  5,6. aranciata amara, limonata . sanpellegrino  
7. 577 mimosa . chanel  8. star thistle honey, colorado . bee raw honey

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