martedì 5 luglio 2011

hawaii essentials

last week, before june ending, we were talking about hawaii… 
as I said, we had gone in the north shore of oahu, and one day we went to visit honolulu 
and waikiki beach… absolutely awful! do you remember when merlin, in the disney 
the sword in the stone, shouts honoluluuuuu… I’m coming? well i had ever thought 
that honolulu was an exotic and fascinating place, as the north shore is… 

now we know that is not so. it’s just like a big riccione [sorry not-italian reader, 
I don’t know how to explain that in a different way…] with only big, giant hotel 
on the beach [a faux beach, maybe once upon a time waikiki had been a real beach, 
now, with the tourists, I think they bring the sand from other place because it’s 
different from everywhere else on the island, more fine, and the water is very murky] 

the only access to the beach is by passing trough the mall gallery of the hotels, 
windows of merchandising galore!! just behind the hotel there’s the main street, 
with shops like tiffany’s, armani, gucci, etc etc… really! and you cannot imagine 
how many tourists were in waikiki beach and in the hotels pools!!!! 

think about the caricature of a classic american tourist, with a tiki shirt, a cocktail 
in one hand, dark tan, sunglasses, spending all his day in a pool with other thousand 
people like him, laughing, eating and drinking… the perfect postcard from honolulu 
actually! unbelievable… 
this make me feel the same of italian people that eat only italian when goes 
abroad! why they go to hawaii to stay in a pool all the day?!?! 

the only thing we appreciated was the ’iolani palace and its garden, where 
the royal hawaiian band played traditional music accompained by dancers, 
and the bronze sculpture of kahiko dancer in front of the hilton hotel. 

ps. I wrote to the bitch called d but she has no answered yet… 

1. plumeria pink flower  2. keep the north shore country sticker  3. tee’s graphic
and sticker . quicksilver  4. traditional man and woman lei . hawaiian flower
5. hawaiian surfboard . eric arakawa  6. blue lagoon cocktail  7. hawaiian grass
skirt  8. hula boy ukulele . tiki living  9. tiki totem  10. matsumoto shave ice
by heather brown . matsumoto  11. haleiwa town, retro print . everything is jake!

2 commenti:

  1. in effetti a ben pensarci è così, io non sono mai stata alle Hawaii ma ti credo perché pur di atirare turisti si cerca di farli sentire a *casa*. ma che senso ha allora viaggiare? bah.
    ma almeno le collane di fiori e i gonnellini ci sono? ;)

  2. oh siiii! le collane di fiori ci sono eccome!! se vai negli alberghi te le danno loro quando arrivi, altrimenti puoi ordinare on line il servizio di benvenuto per quando atterri all’aereoporto…

    io me ne sono comprata una in un banchetto lungo la strada [1$ contro le decine di dollari dei siti online], un plumeria lei rosa, e la signora che me l’ha venduta ha voluto mettermela come da tradizione, dicendomi aloha! adorabile…

    aveva un profumo così forte che dopo un‘ora ho dovuto togliermela tanto mi aveva fatto venire mal di testa… ma per un’ora mi sono goduta la mia hawaiianissima collana di fiori!