domenica 25 settembre 2011

foxy sunday…

going on with foxes… little orange foxes! 
yes, I know today is sunday and I never write on sunday, but these day are very busy, 
I have a lot to work to do and, all the time remains, I have to stay with scirè, still 
adorable but with a new energy and mainly, with sharp little teeth she wants to test 
on everything end everyone [especially on me! goodbye my favorite A&F sweatshirt…]

she’s so clever may I have to wear her with a foxy dress like the one in the 
illustrations at number 7!

anyway… just a month more and I will go on holiday, with prru and my 
not-yet-parents-in-law… they want to give us ten days in the beautiful bali
I can’t wait to go!!

mmmh… may you want to know the winner of the giveaway?! 
come back on tuesday and I promise you’ll find out who and what!

happy sunday!

1. red fox print . berkley illustration  2. f is for fox . sandra ortuno  3. gruppe gut, 
bolzano . jonas bergstrand  4. fox rider . oh my cavalier  5. robin hood sketches  
6. mr fox, burgundy label . grady mcferrin  7. fox, foret, frost and porttrait of a fox
amy blackwell  8. delightful foxes, #3 . alyssa nassner

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