giovedì 22 settembre 2011

the [red]orange fox!

my little sweet scirè is a beautiful emotion… eveything she does, every time she
looks for me… everytime she runs as a crazy little dog to me! can you see red little
hearts coming from my eyes?!

for sure she would love to have one of this little red foxes [a fox is not really red, 
it’s orange!!] into her clutches! she’s going on biting shoes, pillows, plastic bottles,
the remote, my belt… almost everything! why not a fox softie!

wich of these foxes is your favorite? I love the number 4 but I really love
the story behind number 8 [the mum] and number 5 [the son]everything need 
a story to be interesting, to be something, otherwise it’s only a thing…

did I tell you I saw a fox when I was in london? yesss, in the peekaboo girl’s
backyard! was so red! [pardon, orange!!] and seems to be really soft and cute…
not as cute as my scirè… but cute enough!

next week I will announce the giveaway winner! I’m just looking at your
photo’s between scirè, work, scirè, life… and scirè again!

1. fox pillow . areaware  2, 7. liam, the sleepy woodland fox . sleepyking  3. moody fox felt pin . hanaletters  4. monty, the fox lambswool plush . saracarr  5, 8. rill and cyrill squirrel-fox. rill is cyrill and rudie racoon’s first son . donna wilson  6. fox pillow . kate durkin

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