lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

october… in brown!

with  just one day of delay, here you can find the new october calendar!!
october is the second month of autumn… the first cold weather of the season comes
and we don’t miss summer, not yet… I love to go to bed with a wool blanket and leave
the windows open, to feel the fresh air of winter coming…

I think brown is the perfect color for october… you know, there are colors that
fit perfectly with words or numbers… the word october is a warm word to me, 
round, brown… when I think about it I could feel taste of roast chestnuts,
of tagliolini [a kind of pasta, similar to spaghetti] with mushrooms
yes, it’s dinner hour and I’m very hungry!

let’s go! download the new calendar and see you tomorrow!!

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2 commenti:

  1. It's wonderful, it's marvelous!!
    Abbiamo scelto lo stesso colore! Io per il mio album Fall 2011. Have you seen it??

  2. @nanu nanu non mi fa collegare alla pagina dal tuo link… mi dice non disponibile!